Happymess magazine is about learning stuff, making stuff and getting better at stuff so you can live the life you want. Little bit messy. Little bit awesome.

The Happymess Story

Rachel began Happymess magazine, like all good online magazines, from her couch, and with a desire to create a magazine with stories that she wasn’t seeing online.

She wanted a magazine that taught new skills and inspired people to try new things. Stories that taught basic skills like cooking, financial literacy, skills to build self esteem and how to live a little greener.

Stories that acknowledged that we don’t all have good days or come from the same place.

Stories that celebrated our fave celebs not just for their on-screen skills, but the projects they poured themselves into in their spare time with a goal of changing the world.

She wanted a magazine that was prioritised helping us build a life to be a little bit happier, without the Instagram filter.

About the Editor

Rachel is the editor of Happymess. She enjoys making things – especially stuff online. Happymess is her latest project.

She loves video games, playing with dogs (free dog walking service, right here!), coding, reading crime fiction and sci-fi and picnics in the park.

Rachel is based in Sydney, Australia.

Happymess magazine is an independent publication. We incorporate affiliate links into some of our articles. Thanks for supporting us!

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