HOW TO: Create an Instagram-Worthy DIY Bath Soak


I have always struggled with gift-giving. Finding the perfect gift for someone has always been a challenge, but as we get older, gifts are less about finding something people need or secretly want, and more about saying ‘I’m thinking of you’.

The problem for my bank account is that this often adds up big time across the course of the year, where I’m spending big bucks on gifts people don’t want or need – in order to say I care about them.

The solution? Make a simple, gorgeous gift that is affordable and says ‘you’re amazing’.

This is a simple recipe for a bath soak to give to your bff for their birthday or Christmas. While it might not cost a lot to put together, it’s handmade with love, using the one thing that is is most valuable of all, time.

How To: Rose Petal Bath Soak

Here’s what you do:

1. Upcycle a previously-loved jar from your pantry (once you’ve eaten everything inside, obvs!). Soak the label in olive oil and bicarb soda overnight so it peels off. Wash it and dry it so you’ve got a clean jar.

2. Head to the grocery store and grab:
– Epsom salts – use 1 cup
– Rock Salt or Himalayan rock salt – use 1.5 cups
– Bicarb soda (which you probably have if you did the previous step!) – use 1 tablespoon
– Essential oils – something relaxing like rose – use 3 or 4 drops
– Dried Rose or flower petals (*cough* I actually just bought rose tea which didn’t contain any black tea leaves. Can’t hurt, right?) – use a handful or two.

3. Mix it all together in a mixing bowl.

4. Pour into your jar. I layered some rose petals at the top and the bottom to give a layered effect.

6. To make a label, use a rubber band and toilet roll core (we’re seriously upcycling here, guys.)

Viola! A gorgeous gift that says “take the night off!”.

I spent about $30 in ingredients (rose petals are expensive!), and I used less than a third of the ingredients, so I think I could easily make about 6 jars, which is about $5 per jar.

I’m making a batch and keeping them in my pantry, so I’ve got gifts sorted for all my besties for the next few months.

I love this because I’m not spending loads of money on a gift which is really just saying “I’m thinking of you.” I love that it’s not plastic that will be in landfill in six weeks (true story). And I love that I’m reusing things I’ve already got.

The other thing you could do with this recipe is make it an experience – if you’ve giving the gift of a bath soak, why not have an afternoon with your bestie where you make it together? Memories are a brilliant gift! And totally hygge, which is so in right now.

And, of course, you can always use this recipe just to have a night in just for you. Girl, live your best life.

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