Submission Guidelines

Want to write for Happymess mag? We’d love to have you contribute!


  • All posts submitted must fit into one of the key pillars of happymess magazine: health and happiness, mastering money, going green. Please see our FAQs for some topic ideas around these themes.
  • We prefer posts to between 300 – 500 words.
  • Content must be original, and not published elsewhere, including your own blog, Medium, or LinkedIn.
  • Content must be grammatically correct, with complete sentences and free of typos as much as possible ( is a great tool if you need a second set of eyes!).
  • Content must be submitted in English.
  • The overall piece must have a clear structure. A suggested structure is an introduction, 3 – 5 points, conclusion, separated by subheadings.
  • Feel free to link to blogs which explain the things you’re talking about in more detail if needed.
  • We aim for our tone of voice to be light, accessible and fun. We like to be inspired by The Good Place: it’s super fun – but the philosophies you learn in the show are 100% legit.
  • All pieces must end with a short, practical tip called ‘DIY Inspo’. This is the simplest, most practical way someone can get involved in taking action about the topic you’re writing about. This is because confidence comes from action, not just reading about things, so if people want to make positive changes in their life – let’s make it real easy to take those first steps.

Content may not be accepted if it is…

  • Content which is too similar to a post written about in the past
  • Content which does not meet the general submission guidelines.
  • Content written as part of a link-building campaign for businesses
  • Content which is designed to sell a specific product or service, unless in conjunction with our editorial team.

Please see our Submission FAQs for more answers to your juicy questions.

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